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Our new album 'Hello Future' is out! However, rather than just sending you to Spotify and be done with it, we'd like to invite you to join us on the Hello Future Experience, a 6-day journey with music, stories, making-of videos, and livestreams, delivered straight to your inbox, for free!

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Where are you guys taking me?

This is our most involved record yet. Inspired by science-fiction film and literature, we put together an all-encompassing album concept with music, short stories (written to the music), videos, and interviews. You'll receive private links to the full Hello Future Experience, and experience the following:

malnoia cd

High Quality downloads (WAV or MP3) of the 11 track album...

Unreleased videos of live performances...

malnoia cd

Narrations of the short stories, commissioned for this project...

Walk through videos and behind-the-scenes...

malnoia cd

Interviews with and stories by the band members...

Livestreams where you can hang out with us directly...

I still have a few questions...

How exactly does this work?

Easy! Click any of the buttons on this page, fill out your name and email address, and you'll start receiving one email a day for six days, each with a link to a secret page that contains all of the above content. We'll walk you through the album 2 songs at a time!

Why are you doing this?

This album is really special to us, and we want to do justice to all it entails. Rather than putting all the tracks on Spotify and be done with it, we want our listeners to experience this album in a way that they haven't experienced an album before.

Who are you guys?

Malnoia is an unorthodox trio led by NYC-based pianist / composer Jorn Swart that mixes jazz and chamber music. Our first album was released in 2017 and described by Downbeat Magazine as a “seamless interplay of unusual sonorities”. Our other bandmembers are Benni von Gutzeit on viola and Lucas Pino on bass clarinet.

What is up with those stories?

People have often commented on our music as having put vivid images in their minds, almost like telling a story. This sparked the idea to commission short stories for each of the tracks on the album. Jorn wrote two of the stories, and we commissioned 3 writers to write the other 8. These stories are loosely inspired by science-fiction film and literature, and explore themes like artificial intelligence, rapid technological changes, the meaning of art in a digital age, and generally: the future.

Who wrote the music?

Jorn composes all of our music and leads the group. One exception is the track Tears in Rain from the soundtrack of Blade Runner, one of our all-time favorite movies.

“Masterfully intriguing jazz tales”
— Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“A beautiful gift to the inquisitive artist, an ode to the dreamers.”
— Backseat Mafia

“Bohemian sonatas.”
— Jazz Weekly

“lofty feeling material with a verve that you don’t find in egghead circles”
— Midwest Record

“The trio boasts a boundary-leaping style with abundant lyricism, pointillism and contrapuntal movements, showing a masterful control over the flow of their music and its artful transitions.”
— Jazz Trail

malnoia cd

To wrap up:

  • 6 days, 11 tracks
  • High quality downloads
  • Unreleased videos
  • 10 original short stories
  • Behind-the-scenes and interviews
  • A livestream performance
  • Delivered straight to your email inbox

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